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Far Too Lovely To Return


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'Far Too Lovely To Return' is a hand-made artist book of images by Philip J Brittan that explores the art of perception and suggestion. Predominantly the result of darkroom adventures with chemicals and film, the images of landscapes, surfaces, buildings, and the human figure float between abstraction and representation. Beautifully printed the photographs rely more on evocation and atmosphere, and the use of tonal contrasts, rather than literal or narrative detail, to evoke mood and feeling.

Photography by Philip J Brittan
Design by PJB Editions

305 x 204 mm
54 pages
50 photographs
Papers: Hahnemuhle Rice Paper 100gsm
Satogami Black 80gsm
Cover: Monadnock 148gsm
Hand stitched with red linen thread
June 2014
Second Edition of 100 with print
Signed and numbered